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Southern Belle in Sneakers


I already know who the real A is…

They just name their corporation after Mark and Lexie.


What all musicians need.

Getting one for Eddie

I kinda wanna start watching greys anatomy from the beginning again. Except I wont watch the shooting or plane crash episode. I just don’t like seeing it again. Netflix, here I come!

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First there was grumpy cat, now…constantly concerned cat


Disney chalk scenes

Via/Follow The Absolute Greatest Posts…ever.



this little pug is so fucking cute.

this little pug challenges you to a pokemon battle.

Hi everyone, my name is Avonlea. I'm 18 years old and I'm currently a college student :) This blog is about me being healthy, and also stuff that I love. I'm a huge girly girl so you'll definietly see a lot of posts like that. Have a wonderful day :)

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